It’s easy!
  1. Buy a T-shirt
  2. Wear your T-shirt
  3. Write a short story about what happened and how you felt wearing the T-shirt.
  4. E-mail your story and a pic of yourself wearing the T-shirt to and we will post it on this website.
  1. Just buy a T-shirt and enjoy being visibly bisexual.

Please note:
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO BE BISEXUAL to take part in this experiment. Anyone can take part. It’s not all about IF you are bisexual or not, it is also about exploring how people react when they think that someone is bisexual.
  • Stay safe. Only wear your T-shirt where you feel comfortable. Feel free to ask a friend to join you if that boosts your confidence. If anybody reacts negatively to your T-shirt just walk away. Do not confront them. If you experience any hate crime of any sort contact Stop Hate UK for support and assistance and/or report it directly to the police.
  • Your story can be published under any name of your choice or anonymously.
  • You can choose whether or not to include a picture of you wearing your T-shirt.
  • By sending in your story and/or picture you are consenting to it being edited by the Equality Network and published on this website. The Equality Network also reserves the right not to publish a story. We will e-mail you the edited version of your story and confirm your consent before it is published.
  • Anyone can buy a T-shirt and/or take part in this experiment. However, people living in Scotland can apply to the Equality Network for a FREE T-Shirt. Just e-mail explaining why you want to provide a great story for the experiment. There are 10 T-shirt subsidies available. People who are provided a T-shirt subsidy but do not submit a story will be charged for their T-shirt.